My new neighbour is Ross Antony

The old saying goes: “You learn something new every day”. This week I learned of the existence of Ross Antony. For the past week he has been gazing into my window – resplendent in blue suit and dickie bow tie. The first thing I see when I get up and look out of my window is “the dickie bow man”. There he is – clinging to a lamppost – looking directly at me. I complained to my German wife, Katrin, about it. She says she knows the name but doesn't really know why he is famous. So naturally, I had to Google him. The first thing I found out was that he sings Amarillo (Is This The Way To). He sings it in German, of course, because he is famous in Germany. His version translates: “I'm going back to Amerillo ..” I now refer to him as "Ross" because I feel I know him. He has been a topic of conversation in our household all week. But here is the thing. Ross is actually English, born in Bridgnorth. So is he the only famous Schlager-singing Brit in Germany?

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